Practice yoga LIVE online and in-studio with Andrea

I created this online yoga platform as a way to stay connected to my students while adhering to the public health policies this extraordinary time has necessitated. It seems likely that we will be practicing physical distancing for the foreseeable future, until a vaccine is made available and herd immunity to COVID-19 is achieved. In the meantime, many of us will continue to work (and play) from home while we remain vigilant in our efforts to keep each other safe and well.

I envisioned YogaWorks to be your online community for your yoga practice. Yes, there are plenty of resources for recorded yoga videos (you can even find mine on Do Yoga With Me).But for those of us who crave connection in real time, and need a reason to show up and be accountable to ourselves, and receive the support of community, live online classes are the closest thing to in-studio classes, at least for now.

Since the announcement that MokSana Yoga Center will be suspending drop-in classes until the pandemic subsides, I have chosen to rent the studio for two of my classes, enabling those who want to continue to practice with me in person to do so, and to help sustain the MokSana community. I will be offering these classes as a hybrid of LIVE+LIVESTREAMED.

From my sanctuary to yours, let us move and breathe and be together. Namaste.

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I want to encourage you to make a 4-week commitment so that you can build awareness and skill in your practice.

Each pre-registration includes ONE make-up class per 4-week session, enabling you to choose from any class on the schedule should you have to miss a class.


Pre-register for any 4-week LIVE or ONLINE session in the same month:
Save 15% off drop-in rate***

Pre-register up to 4 family/household members
sharing the same Zoom Room
for any 4-week ONLINE session in the same month:
Save 20% off drop-in rate***

***Please send me an email BEFORE you pre-register letting me know of your intention to commit, and I will provide you with a private coupon code to use to receive your discount.

GST will be included when you select your class(es).


$16-$18 per class

$12 per class

Frequently Asked Questions

What streaming platform are we using and how do I use it?

For these live-streamed classes, we are using Zoom. I have chosen Zoom because many of you have become familiar with this platform, and it enables me to interact with you. Plus it integrates seamlessly with Acuity Scheduling (which is how you are registering for classes), making my admin more streamlined so that I can focus on what I love most: teaching you.


  • FOR DESKTOP/LAPTOP: You can download the app for your computer by creating an account on Zoom’s website.
  • FOR iPad/iPHONE: Search for Zoom and download the app from the AppStore.
  • FOR ANDROID TABLETS/PHONES: Search for Zoom in Google Play.

When you log into Zoom, make sure your audio is on as loud as you need. PRO TIP: You will greatly enhance your audio experience during class if you hook up your computer or tablet to an external speaker. I will be using a wireless microphone so that you can hear me more clearly.

When you join the “meeting”, you will have the option of enlarging your screen to see me by clicking my screen at the bottom right of the screen. Or you can choose “grid view” (look for the icon that looks like a mini calendar/table) to see all the participants. PRO TIP: I will be casting my iPad to my TV so that I can enlarge the grid view and see you all without having to squint…

Why should I create an account?

I highly recommend creating a user account when you see confirmation of your first registration. When you register for additional classes or future sessions, you won’t have to fill in the intake form again, which will save you lots of time! Plus you can check all your upcoming classes at a glance and make any changes right here on my website.

How do I log into my class?

Once you register & submit payment for a class, you will receive an automatic email that confirms your registration and includes your unique Zoom link for each class.

How do I register for classes?

9 Easy Steps to Register for Your Classes

  1. Under the heading “Book Your Next YogaWorks Class“, choose the STYLE of class class you would like to attend.
  2. From the drop-down menu, choose the DAY & TIME you would like to attend. You will then be prompted to select the DATE(S) you would like to attend. If you are pre-registering, click on ALL the dates you plan to come.
  3. Follow the prompts to confirm your time zone, dates & times of the classes, etc.
  4. If you are pre-registering for a 4-week session (whether for you or for your family/household), click on the button “REDEEM COUPON” and enter the code I will have provided you via email. Don’t have a code? Email me!
  5. Complete the Client Info & Waiver.
  6. Click on “PAY NOW” and complete payment using your credit card.
  7. Once payment is complete, you will see confirmation of registration. Just below, you will see a button reading “Register Your Account“. I highly recommend creating an account to save you time when you register for future or additional classes. This feature also allows you to view all the classes you have registered for, and make any changes.
  8. You will receive an email confirming each class you have registered for, which will also include the Zoom link to your class. You can also add the class directly to your online calendar from the email.
  9. Repeat steps 1-8 if you plan to register for another class.

How do I pay for classes?

Once you have completed registration for either a 4-week session or a drop-in class, you will be prompted to enter your credit card information. At the moment, this is the only form of payment I am able to accept.

Please note: on your credit card statement, this charge will appear as “BYB/IBY” – this reflects my active Square account.

How do I get my discount if I want to pre-register for a 4-week session or for my family/household?

Drop me an email to to let me know which classes you want to take, and I will send you a personal coupon code that you will enter when you register for both or all the classes.

What is the etiquette for attending live-streamed classes?

Here are my tips for making the most of your live-streamed class.

  1. Please arrive on time. I often share stories and other sources of inspiration, or explain what we will be exploring throughout the class or the session. I like to greet each person as you arrive.
  2. Please let me know in advance if you plan to leave early. If you have to leave to attend to something urgent, please send me a quick message later so that I am aware.
  3. Please leave your video on during class. I know that for many of us, being seen on video is not always comfortable for various reasons (yes, you may have to change out of your pajamas!). But for me as an online teacher, I want to stay as connected to each of you as possible and receive visual confirmation if you are following my cues. I want to see your practice, and hopefully I will also be able to offer customized suggestions to optimize your individual experience.
  4. Feel free to arrive early or stay after to interact with your fellow participants. This helps to build and maintain our sense of community. I will be muting all participants during class so that the audio isn’t disruptive , but the channel will be open 10 minutes before and after class.

What if I need to ask a question during class?

If you need to ask a question during class, please type it into the chat function of Zoom. If your question is of a sensitive nature and is relevant to what we are exploring in class at the moment, please choose the option that sends your message just to me, and I will do my best to respond directly back to you.

If your question is not urgent, we can chat on video once the class has completed, or you can send me an email to

What props do I need?

Here…read this! 🙂

What is a make-up class and how do I register?

I understand that one of the biggest barriers for people making a commitment to a pre-registered session is “But what if I have to miss a class? Then I am paying for something that I am not attending.” I get it.

I am offering the opportunity to substitute any other class on the schedule should you have to miss one in your pre-registered session. Just send me an email to let me know which class you will be missing, and which one you would like to take instead, and I will send you the Zoom link.

I ask that you take your make-up class within the same 4-week window if at all possible, but I can extend your make-up class into the next session if needed.

For 4-week pre-registrations, you are entitled to ONE make-up class per session.

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