My Charter of Intentions

With an infinite number of individuals teaching yoga these days, I believe that we are called to define what makes each of us unique. I choose to represent my approach to yoga with what I call My Charter of Intentions. These are the distinctive elements that characterize my classes, the pure authenticity that remains constant through my personal and my teaching practices.

  1. BE the LIGHT. I aspire to live my life in such a way that the light inside of me ignites the light inside of others. I believe that no flame’s brilliance is dimmed as it is shared. Let us shine more radiantly together and spark the change this world is hungry for.
  2. Begin with CURIOSITY. In every situation, whether on or off the mat, we best serve ourselves and others when we begin from a place of genuine curiosity. We let go of judgement, of assumption, of expectation. Instead we listen deeply, embody empathy, and act with courage and wisdom.
  3. YOU are ENOUGH. In whatever capacity or condition you arrive, by simply showing up, your yoga has already begun.
  4. POETRY in MOTION. I seek to channel the muse that inspires language. I endeavour to choose words that deliberately evoke precise action, inquisitive revelation and divine inspiration. I cultivate space for silence.
  5. “STORY is our way HOME.” I believe in the power of story to unite us, across any of our differences. We embody archetypes. We are integrated by myth. And as Brené Brown declares, “we write our own daring endings.”
  6. Release EXPECTATION. Embrace INTENTION.  By committing to intention, we commit ourselves to the process, to the work that is required. We release ourselves from the tyranny of an outcome we may not be able to control.
  7. Define your own edge between EFFORT and SURRENDER. Discern PAIN from SENSATION.  YOU are your most potent, most relevant teacher. Embrace the autonomy to know when enough is enough and know when you are capable of more.
  8. The TRANSITION is as vital as the STILLNESS. In yoga, as in life, we are at our most vulnerable when we are in transition. Moving through the in-between requires us to invite intention, understand possibilities, and commit to action.
  9. “Every VARIATION of the pose is STILL the POSE.” In every style of class I teach, each person who shows up possesses an infinite variety of possibilities – conditions, injuries, limitations, experience, readiness. While I cannot tailor practice for each individual, I commit to teaching several variations of poses so that everyone can participate fully. Gratitude to Jason Crandell for this wisdom.
  10. It doesn’t get EASIER. You get STRONGER. For human bodies to function optimally, we must strive towards finding the intersection between stability, agility, mobility, and endurance. In my active classes, I incorporate strength training kriyas to balance the efforts towards increasing flexibility.

Interested in creating your own Charter of Intentions?

Under my sister brand, Brand Your Bliss, I love to mentor my fellow yoga teachers to uncover your own WHY, what you can claim as your own DISTINCTIVE approach to teaching, and how to BRAND and MARKET yourself with AUTHENTICITY.

Look out for my workshops offered within the 300HR Advanced Teacher Training program at MokSana Yoga Center , at the annual Victoria Yoga Conference, or contact me to conduct a workshop for your studio or a group of your colleagues.