I am incredibly blessed to lead yoga classes for some devoted, courageous and playful people all around Victoria, BC and beyond. Thanks to all of you for your generous words of kindness and support, and for allowing me to make some impact- however small but hopefully significant – in your lives each week.
You fill me with joy, love and light.

Andrea is a sage woman. She makes yoga not just a rejuvenating and healing physical experience, she narrates the class in a way that strongly connects my body and mind. She inspires me to take the emotional balance and strength that I feel during her class forwards into the rest of my week. All the while she adjusts her instructions to anyone who is needing a more gentle class, or a more challenging class, with helpful reminders about posture and breathing.


Andrea teaches her classes with a mindful yet lighthearted approach, and every class I have gained something different with her ever-changing themes and focuses. Her inspired and dynamic classes have allowed me to move in new ways, and I feel so wonderfully stretched and challenged after every class. Andrea’s classes are accessible to students of all levels and backgrounds as she is attentive, personable, and helpful to each individual student. If you have not been to a class yet, go!!


Andrea’s Yoga classes are super fun! You can tell she’s having fun teaching and so it’s easy to have fun taking a class from her. I also enjoy that they are challenging classes. You feel like you did a workout afterwards (in a good way). Love her smile too… she’s a great combination of nurturing and strong. Parts of the sequence were really interesting and different from other yoga classes and felt really great to do.

~Kim, Owner Baja Zen Studio | Playa Cerritos, Mexico

Andrea is a warm and encouraging yoga instructor – I’ve been going to her EM-Power yoga classes for a few years now. She has the great ability of being able to connect with everyone in her class, and assist us in our yoga ‘journey’ whether you are a first timer or a regular. Her class is like no other – it makes you feel strong, and powerful, and validated. She also has the best playlists! If you don’t get to one of her classes, you are missing out!

~ Lori

Andrea’s yoga classes are amazing. No matter how I feel going in, I always leave feeling grounded and inspired. Andrea’s passion shines through, as she guides the practice in such a way that I feel she has designed each class specifically for me. Only in her class do I feel relaxed, strong, and empowered all at the same time!


I love Andrea’s classes because they are challenging but accessible for any skill level. I can feel myself getting stronger. I can see the changes. More importantly, Andrea’s classes are fun! We try new poses, and laugh as we fall out of them. Andrea creates such a welcoming and positive environment, you can’t help but leave her class feeling great.


I’ve been going to Andrea’s classes for over a year. Andrea combines incredible strength and grace with a playfulness that makes everyone, even the first time yogi, feel at ease and smile. She challenges her students to push themselves, but always provides alternate postures if you’re just not feeling it. We leave the studio dripping with sweat, mad hair, laughing and triumphant. No two classes are alike – Andrea comes up with a new flow and new music for every class – there is no falling into a stale routine. She makes a point of learning and remembering everyone’s name, and getting to know them. In doing that she encourages her students, almost by osmosis, to become friends as well. There is a loving and supportive camaraderie in Andrea’s classes that is, in my 20 years of practicing, quite rare.


Andrea brings more to the table than simply teaching yoga. Her unique and inspired classes combine technical instruction, laughter, wisdom, music, creativity and play, with work towards more challenging postures. No class is ever the same. She takes time to get to know her students’ unique needs, and supports them in any ways she can. I leave feeling inspired, connected, and embodied, exactly what I come for.
I can’t recommend Andrea enough 🙂

~ Chris L.

Andrea’s yoga classes are thought out and inspiring.  They push your limits, both physically and emotionally, so that you leave feeling refreshed and lighter.  Often she bases her class around a theme and sticks with it throughout all the poses so you feel connected to the concept of “feeling lighter” “letting go” or “knowing your limits” in and out of her classes.
I come to her classes because she knows yoga and lives what she teaches. She is authentic and knowledgeable and truly cares deeply about your yoga experience. She is positive and welcoming and I always feel connected to her and myself when I’m in her classes.

Her classes are perfectly paced and she knows well enough when to push you and when to let off.  She is an excellent teacher and I am always honoured that I get to see her weekly for an amazing yoga class!


I always know that if I am having a hard day I can use yoga to turn it around, but Andrea’s classes are exceptional. Andrea creates a space where everyone feels supported and welcomed through her perfectly timed arrangement of poses, music, inspirational language, and genuine brightness. Her classes are fun, and both challenging and rejuvenating at the same time. I can always count on leaving class feeling lighter, freer, and with a big smile on my face.


A creative and modern approach to Vinyasa yoga, weaving traditional yoga postures with unique themes and progressive sequencing that are as fun as they come, challenging and pleasantly unpredictable. Be prepared to work hard through a new experience that’s guaranteed to leave a smile on your face. Andrea’s Inspired Flow ain’t your grandmother’s yoga, and that’s exactly what makes it great!

~Chris F.

Andrea is a wonderful and gifted instructor. She has this amazing ability to make me feel so comfortable moving into yoga position i would normally be afraid to try, especially as a novice. I leave her class feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, stronger and most of empowered. My week is not complete if I have missed her class(es).

~ Megan