I endeavour to live my life in such a way that the light inside of me ignites the light in others.

I relish my sweet life in Victoria, BC, surrounded by the breathtaking confluence of the sea, the mountains, and the trees. Among my most precious blessings, I count my beloved warrior and catalyst to fire, my extended family near and far, my sweet, silly pups, my cadre of friends I don’t see nearly enough, and my yoga community. I savour every moment I can spend flowing my breath through movement whether on or off the mat: dancing, hiking, cycling, paddling, nourishing those I love, exploring incredible eateries, traveling to intriguing places (whether in the pages of a book or on my own two feet), engaging in both meaningful conversation and conscientious citizenry, designing and decorating beautiful spaces, and getting all dressed up for no reason at all.

I long to help others to uncover within themselves what makes them shine, to find their own distinctive voice, and to broadcast that voice with confidence and skill. On every path I have explored throughout my life, whether personal or professional, I have chosen to help others to radiate their own light into the world.


As a makeup artist, I saw my primary role as helping women, transgendered women, drag queens, men, aging women, teenagers – those who saw themselves on the outside of the mainstream definition of beauty – to see their inner light and embrace what makes each of them unique.

As a manager of people, I endeavoured to help individuals thrive with confidence in their current roles, and to flourish forward in their careers.

As a manager of businesses large and small, I aimed to help teams leverage customer service excellence, organizational strategy, and collaborative partnership to achieve a common vision.


As an educator, I strive to help yoga teachers, business leaders, and entrepreneurs dig deep within themselves to understand why they are purusing their current journey, and continue to forge their path from that distinct place.

As a brand storyteller, I seek to help leaders and entrepreneurs wordsmith nuanced identities, amplifying their messages to be heard above the din.

As a curator of goods doing good, my mobile boutique Beatnik shines the spotlight on fledgling brands who are making the world more responsible, sustainable, equitable, and beautiful.

As a yoga instructor, I seek to help others find their true strength, to create a subtle (sometimes radical) revolution within themselves, and to draw upon their own capacity for self-empowerment and self-compassion.

My Teachers

The only thing I know for sure is that I have barely scratched the surface of the infinite depth that is yoga. I am a lifelong student, and I hold deep gratitiude for every incredible yoga and movement educator from whom I absorb wisdom.
  • From my many masterful teachers at Semperviva Yoga, – including Tianne Allen, Clara Roberts-Oss, Sianna Sherman, Janet Stone, Mark Stephens, Bernie Clark and Nathalie Keiller – I deepened my discovery of the Eight Limbs of Yoga  (Advanced Teacher Training Program, 300-hr, completed July 2018)
  • From Natalie Rousseau, I learned to refine my voice, tell my stories, and sharpen my observation and teaching skills (Skills in Action: Advanced Teacher Training, 2015)
  • From Ann-Kathrin Martins, I learned that Pre-Natal Yoga is a blessed gift to offer women preparing to birth a miracle. (Pre- and Post-Natal Teacher Training, 2015)
  • From Eoin Finn, I learned that prana moves us through yoga, nature, meditation, food and gratitude. (200-hour Blissology Yoga Teacher Training, 2011)
  • From Alice Bracegirdle, I learned the intrinsic strength and softness of women’s bodies, and to move in synchronicity and rhythm (Bellyfit & Bellyfit Flow Instructor Training, 2010)
  • From countless devotees of the evolving yoga tradition, I have devoured their passions and perspectives, including such luminaries as Christine Price-Clark, Sjanie McInnisTracey Noseworthy, Fab AlbericoCrista Shillington, Jonathan Boyd, Shiva Rea, Jason CrandellAnodea Judith, Mark Stephens and many more (2001-infinity)