My Charter of Intentions

With an infinite number of individuals teaching yoga these days, I believe that we are called to define what makes each of us unique. I choose to represent my approach to yoga with what I call My Charter of Intentions. These are the distinctive elements that characterize my classes, the pure authenticity that remains constant through my personal and my teaching practices.

    1. BE, rather than DO. To come inside. To find a moving meditation. To release from the “doing” of everyday, and experience the “being” in this moment.
    2. SURRENDER to GRACE. To inspire moving with grace and mindfulness. To experience the poses in between poses. To honour the dancer within all of us.
    3. CONNECT to COMMUNITY. To celebrate the sacredness of our shared experiences. To create unity through our practice, and ignite the flame for transformation in ourselves, our communities, our world.
    4. Make it MEANINGFUL. To impart movements with a connection to something deeper, something relevant to our beings. To find some inspiration within our yoga practice that you might infuse into life off the mat, whether physical, cultural, spiritual, or emotional.
    5. ALIGN to INFINITY. To explore appropriate alignment in each pose so that we may continue to experience the infinite bliss of yoga throughout our days.
    6. Explore balance between EFFORT and SURRENDER. Within our yoga practice and within all that we do. Cultivate the strength to carry us through our efforts, but depend on our flexibility to allow us to be gentle with ourselves, our circumstances, and other’s intentions.
    7. [EN]LIGHTEN UP. To find the playfulness in our yoga practice. Yoga doesn’t have to be so serious.
    8. [EM]POWER YOUR PRACTICE. Find your true strength and explore the possibilities of where you can go. To be amazed by what you are capable of, right here, right now.
    9. GROOVE TRUE. To be inspired by groove and rhythm through a variety of music in our yoga practice. To find a tribal heartbeat and experience movement that is authentic to each one of us.
    10. POETRY in MOTION. To channel the muse that inspires language. To choose words that deliberately evoke precise action, inquisitive revelation and divine inspiration. To give space for silence.

Interested in creating your own Charter of Intentions?

Under my sister brand, Brand Your Bliss, I love to mentor my fellow yoga teachers to uncover your own WHY, what you can claim as your own DISTINCTIVE approach to teaching, and how to BRAND and MARKET yourself with AUTHENTICITY.

Look out for my workshops offered at the annual Victoria Yoga Conference, or contact me to conduct a workshop for your studio or a group of your colleagues.